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Dream Catcher


I Share the Dream dream catcher was designed and hand crafted by members of the Taos Tribe in New York.
The Dream Catcher has always held many meanings to Native Americans. They believe that good and bad dreams float around in the night air. The dream catcher, with its webbing, is hung typically in their lodge and moves freely in the night air. It catches dreams as they float by. The good dreams know the way and slip through the hole in the center of the webbing. They then so softly float down the feathers of the dream catcher to the sleeping person below. The bad dreams, not knowing the way, get entangled into the webbing. As the sun rises for the new day, it melts away the entangled bad dreams and they perish. Children are especially comforted by the dream catcher knowing that they are protected by it's special powers. The gift of a dream catcher is a sign of love and friendship.
Lost Pet Found Pet has the dream to build a place for cats and dogs in South Florida that will protect them from all the bad things they have endured in their lifetime. Like the Dream Catcher, we want them to find their way to slip through the hole of the dream catcher to a safe, secure life. Too many of them get entangled in the webs of abuse, abandonment or kill shelters. We are all familiar with the inspirational message..."If You Build it, they will come." We are going to build it. ..hopefully with your help.
Many people have expressed their very own dream of building a sanctuary if they could afford it. "When I win the Lottery" "If I ever make it big!" We don't have to wait for that time to possibly come. If we all share the same dream, we can build it together.
Show your support by hanging this dream catcher in your home or car and have the satisfaction of knowing $15 of your purchase will share in building our dream!