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"I just wanted to tell you... Today was the first day above zero we have had so I decided to pile Lucy in the car and take her to the Groomers for a bath. This is usually an ordeal as she is a ball of anxiety in the car. (Nothing like Gracie who used to sit perfectly still in the car for long rides) I snapped that new harness on her and clipped it to the seat belt and we were off. She seemed to feel nice and secure in the harness because she sat still for the most part and didn't even try to roam around. She even laid down in the seat a bit. This harness and clip are amazing. Thanks so much for sending it. I look forward to using it to car train her when the weather gets warmer. Thanks again Karen. " - Teddy

"Diva is a very active dog and likes to move all around the car when we are traveling. I used the Dog Vehicle Restraint and we both love it! Diva can still move around while safely contained in her seat. I don't have to worry about her distracting me anymore while driving! The restraint is a much safer option. I highly recommend it!" -Claudia and Diva