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Oliver's Travel Pack!


When Oliver travels with his mommy in the car, he always wears his safety restraint even for very short distances. The vehicle restraint is made of real safety belt material and it keeps him comfortable to sit up or lay down in his seat. Check out Oliver's demonstration video for the vehicle restraint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8nP2-8R530
Oliver also travels with his own water bottle in the car. The water bottle folds up and easily fits in a purse or a pack to take with him when out doors or at doggie parks. It is always safer for him to drink out of his own water bottle to prevent him from getting a cold.
Mommy carries poop bags with him as well so if he has to do his business, she can pick it up and put it in the trash. No one wants to smell or step in Oliver's messy pile!
Oliver also always travels with a toy or "baby" to play with while he is in the car. It keeps him comforted especially on longer trips.
Oliver's travel package offers a special discount bundling all these items together. The best part....$5 will go to the Lost Pet Found Pet Emergency Pet Fund to help other rescue dogs like him.